Chile Factory Update–PM

TJ Chile – Santiago, from Vince Battaglini, General Manager, TJ Chile – All employees are accounted for. I can report that TJ Chile has had its electricity restored and the building is in good shape with the exception of some roof repairs hopefully to be completed today and we are restarting operations on a limited basis. If all systems ramp up as expected without major complications, we expect to be in full swing Thursday morning. The factory on Saturday morning looked rough to say the least, but after clean up, suffered very minor physical damage. The employees of TJ Chile stood up and were counted when they were needed the most. I am very proud of all the people here. When the chips were down and things looked pretty bleak, they all came through and did a fantastic job. TJ Chile is alive and well, and now you can all go out and sell, and feel confident that we will deliver. Thanks to everyone for your concern and moral support in a time when we needed it. A container of goods from TJ Chile was received today in the U.S. from UPS.

Crossville – Tome – We have been in contact with Craig Forrest this morning; all personnel are accounted for currently and clean-up and power restoration is presently in process. Relief efforts are being organized and trucks are scheduled to go to the mill area for employee relief tomorrow.

On Monday morning of this week, Jimmy Richards began the process of securing alternate supplies of cloth. All personnel at Holland & Sherry and Clissold are also totally focused on this process.

We do know that in Tome and surrounding areas, homes have been damaged and destroyed and our people there would appreciate any help we can give them.