12 Essentials August 2017

The Tom James Company Of Tampa Bay Fall 2017 August 12 Essentials For Your Wardrobe 

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Plaid Sport Coats
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Blue Blazer Kakai Pants Blue Shirt Tom James Custom Suits Custom Shirts

Top Picks: Navy Blazer

Why you need it: Not every formal occasion calls for a suit, but showing up in just a collared shirt would be inappropriate as well. A navy blazer can add a bit of class to any look.

How to wear it: The best part of having a navy blazer you trust in your closet is you can throw it over anything and look presentable to the outside world. It feels very much at home with your oxford shirts and chinos. For a casual night out, though, pair it with jeans and Nikes, and you’ll still be the best-dressed one of your friends.

Top Picks: Charcoal Suit

Why you need it: Because you never know when you’ll be called upon by the universe to Suit Up.

How to wear it: With confidence and swagger.

Mizzen And Main White Blue Solid Shirts Tom James

Top Picks: Blue Shirt

Why you need it: The blue dress shirt is the ultimate go-to for work.

How to wear it: Tucked in with jeans or dress pants and a quality belt.

Top Picks: White Shirt

Why you need it: The starting point of every neutral work look in your closet. When an event calls for a shirt and tie, this is your shirt.

How to wear it: With your suit, or just with a tie, or with a few buttons undone, depending on your environment. As long as you’re not wearing sweatpants, basically any bottom will go with it.

Allen Edmonds Brown Lace Up

Top Picks: Black Lace Up Shoes

Why you need it: Because you can’t wear your suit barefoot.

How to wear it: With your dark suit (obviously), but also with jeans and a button-up if you’re going for a night on the town. Also, pro tip: don’t get black lace-ups if they don’t immediately feel like your best pair of dancing shoes. Your future self will thank me at the next wedding you attend.

Top Picks:  Brown Lace Up Shoes

Why you need it: So you don’t have to wear your black dress shoes with your khakis when you’re getting dressed up. Plus, they’re perfect for any and every business-casual event.

How to wear it: With your khakis, chinos, or jeans, and basically any top you like, depending on where you’re heading. Bonus points if you pair it with a brown belt.


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