Made To Measure Vs. Custom What Is The Difference?


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Made-to-measure (MTM) typically refers to custom clothing that is cut and sewn using a standard-sized base pattern. Suits and sport coats are the most common garments made-to-measure. The fit of a made-to-measure garment is expected to be superior to that of a ready-to-wear garment because made-to-measure garments are constructed to fit each customer individually based on a few body measurements to customize the pre-existing pattern. Made-to-measure garments always involve some form of standardization in the pattern and manufacturing, whereas bespoke tailoring is entirely made from scratch based on a customer's specifications with far more attention to minute fit details and using multiple fittings during the construction process. All else being equal, a made-to-measure garment will be more expensive than a ready-to-wear garment but cheaper than a bespoke one. "Custom made" most often refers to MTM.


To order a made-to-measure garment, the customer's measurements are first taken by a made-to-measure retailer, app, or yourself. Then a base pattern is selected that most closely corresponds with the customer’s measurements. This base pattern is altered to match the customer’s measurements. The garment is constructed from this altered pattern.   The majority suits that are sold as "Custom" are really a made to measure product.

Sample MTM Order Forms 

Made to Measure Order Form Bespoke Order form Erik Peterson Itailor Order Form Suits MTM made to measure itailor mtm made to measure shirt order form

MTM garments take only into account the very basic measurements including Chest, Waist, Seat etc. along basic style guidance like a trim fit or traditional fit.  Sure you can pick some basic style options that was traditionally bespoke but you are limited by each manufacture styling options.

The primary benefits to the customer of made-to-measure clothing are that the garments will be well-fitted to the customer's body and the customer may have the opportunity to customize the fabric and detailing.

Unlike bespoke garments, which traditionally involves hand sewing, made-to-measure manufacturers use both machine- and hand-sewing. Made-to-measure also requires fewer fittings than bespoke, resulting in a shorter wait between customer measurement and garment delivery.

Bespoke/Custom tailoring is clothing made to an individual buyer's specifications by a tailor.

The distinction made here is between bespoke, created without use of a pre-existing pattern, and made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer. Technological change makes this distinction more subtle, since fittings are increasingly required for made-to-measure. A bespoke service may require an individually-cut pattern, which is then kept should further suits be required; made-to-measure measurements are often stored on a computer. Even hand-work, often cited as a benchmark of bespoke, is now increasingly found in made-to-measure garments, while machine-making plays some part in the creation of most bespoke suits. With a bespoke suit, a pattern is designed and made from scratch based on the client's measurements, often from 20+ measurements involving multiple fittings, and takes considerably longer to produce than a made-to-measure garment. This ensures a precise fit, particularly in the shoulders as well as the posture areas. This custom fit is handy for clients with short or long necks, high or low shoulders, excess girth, high hips, large or flat seats, and more. Made-to-measure cannot adjust for these shapes and slopes of the shoulders on each client.

Custom Bespoke Order Form

Bespoke custom tailor order form erik peterson tom james

Most garments sold as Custom/Bespoke are really made to measure garments.   Good question to ask yourself is what measurements we used to make your suit.

  1. What measurements were used?   under or over 20+
  2. Did you measure yourself?  Have an app? Have a friend?
  3. Were you able to style your suit?  (pick the details pockets, buttonholes, lapels, thread color etc)
  4. Was an individual pattern cut for you? number of measurements Under or over 20+
  5. Were your shoulders and posture measured?
  6. Was the garment mostly made by machine or a high amount of handwork?

***measurements are not to be confused with options/details

If you answered question:

#1 Under 20 measurements

#2 Yes or no

#3 Yes

You have a Made to Measure Suit  (MTM)

If you answered question:

#1 Over 20 measurements

#2 No

#3 Yes

#4 Yes  Over 20 measurements

#5 Yes

#6 Either Mostly Machine or Mostly by hand

You have a Custom Suit and possibly a bespoke suit dependent on the level of handwork/fittings


Asking questions and learning about how you want your clothing to fit the I can make adjustments in creating a personal pattern for you.  I have the opportunity to offer custom and bespoke product offerings at different quality and price points.   Lets explore what I can do you for you.

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