Working From Home? How are your shirts?

There are plenty of people working from home during a normal period. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 3.7 million employees (2.8% of the workforce) now work from home at least half the time, while 50% of the American workforce holds a job with at least partial telework. Now that number has sky rocketed, with nearly everyone being forced to work from home.

While it sounds seductive to have one’s pajamas put in some overtime, those who call their kitchen table their office know that wardrobe has a powerful ability to affect productivity. Just as you wouldn’t want to work alongside a pile of dirty dishes, you wouldn’t conduct business in your ratty vintage Whitesnake T-shirt.

“A lot of working from home is setting boundaries,” says Joshua David Stein, a freelance writer in Brooklyn. “Anything that can help you cross that line and ‘go to work’ is helpful so that you feel internally professional—otherwise it’s just a continuation of domestic life.”

While few of us will don a three-piece suit when punching in at their residence, but little changes to daywear can have dramatic effects. Stein, for example, doesn’t wear what he normally would in an office setting, but he does separate more casual (though not sloppy) items for the workweek. Sometimes that means just mixing and matching the high and the low.

“If you wear sweatpants or joggers with a T-shirt, you are basically still in your pajamas,” he says. “But if you pair jeans or slacks with a button-down, then you feel like you’re a human being.” Stein favors sophisticated and relaxed separates he can wear all day.

Which group are you in?

With lots of Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime interactions.   Your shirt selection plays an ever more important place in your daily dress.   Your shirt is what really frames the picture on all your "in person" Virtual meetings.   Think about the patterns, colors, styles,  all off which can make a difference with how you are seen by those on the other side of the screen.   Your choices are now more important then ever after all your are trying to communicate, lead, train, sell through a screen.   Look your best.

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Remember there is plenty of leeway afforded to a temporary work-home life, but ultimately, many people seem to appreciate the distinction of clothing that instills a certain type of confidence. Or at the very least, permitting for the periodic coffee run. As Stein says, echoing the feelings of most people  “I don’t want to go out and look like someone who works from home.”


Erik Peterson