Spring Virtual Trunk Show

With everyone working from home and wondering what the new normal will be.   We have rolled out the most aggressive promotion in my 24 year history.

Now is the time to be get your wardrobe ready when we all get back to running at full speed.   I have noticed over the years when there is a disruption in the economy your wardrobe will play a more important part to bring in new or keep existing business.

Over the last number of years the business wardrobe has become more casual.  If history repeats itself that is all about to change.   With business struggling, you will need to upgrade your wardrobe game to compete with your competitors.    The days of the phone ringing, business rolling in from emails/text will be over.  We will have to get back out and develop meaningful relationships with your customers.   Your wardrobe will play an even more important role in your success in the post Covid-19 world.

Good news is that we have you covered with our Virtual Trunk show so you are prepared to go full steam ahead when we are free to move about the county.

For a limited time we have reduced the prices on our current collections and also added several upgrades at no no charge.

Step #1 Pick your collection

Virutal trunk show tom james tampa custom suits shirts jackets pants sarasota lakeland

Step 2: Determine what area of your wardrobe we should address 

Corporate Image

Corporate image virutal trunk show 2020 custom suits shirts ties Corporate image virutal trunk show pants trousers shirts

Executive Collection

Executive Collection Virutal Trunk Show tampa sarasota Lakeland executive collection virutual trunk show trousers pants slacks skirts

Royal Classic

Royal Classic Suits Shirts Ties Virutal Trunk show 2020 Royal Classic Trousers Pants Shirts Trunk Show 2020

Step 3:  Pick Your Selections (Click) collection below to find your favorites 

Corporate Image 

Executive Collection 

Royal Classic

Step 4:  Schedule your appointment